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Bellows offered by us are designed based on E.J.M .A. guidelines and our standard range comprises of Bellows from 25 NB to any given size, in single & multi-ply construction for different working temperatures, pressures & movem ent s. An expansion bellow is a specialized pr oduct . It needs to fulfil the intended function safely and reliably.

Interchangeability is rare in expansion bellow, & as a matter of fact, each unit is custom­ made for an intended application. It is necessary to provide accurate information regarding the condition of design that the expansion joint will be subjected to. For all flexible elements to perform efficiently, it is imperative that the Bellow component of the integrated assembly is designed to meet the application conditions. While designing the Bellow, the actual working parameter which includes, diameter of the pipeline (or dimensions of the duct in the case of rectangular joints), flowing medium, pressure, temperature & movement is taken into consideration. Faulty design of the Bellow would invariably lead to premature failure & hence it is directly linked to the performance of the flexible element assembly.

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Function of Expansion Bellow

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