Rubber Hose

A rubber hose is a kind of hollow tube which is designed to carry fluids from one location to another. The shape of a hose is cylindrical. They are used in water or other liquid environments to carry air or other gases or they are used in air or other gaseous environments to carry liquids. Also known as pipe or tube, a hose is used for wide variety of industrial purposes. The hoses are manufactured via extrusion process. In general, hoses are used to carry fluids through fluid environments. This function of the hose sets the key requirements for the rubber in hoses. Silicone hoses are very popular.

Properties of Rubber Hoses

The requirements for rubber in hoses are diverse, depending on the hose type, the product carried and requirements for filler layers and covers. Any hose can have more than one rubber compound type depending on its construction, specially formulated to give the required properties for the layer. One essential factor in rubber hose is to achieve very high levels of adhesion to ensure maximum resistance to fatigue. The key properties for the hose are oil or fluid resistance, high resistance to aromatics, temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and ozone resistance.

Types of Rubber Hoses in Industrial Applications


Typical applications handled by rubber hose include:

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