Storage Tank and Fabrication

Mahantam has been supplying tanks and vessels to industrial markets accordance with the ASME Sec.VIII and ASME Sec. IX. We are experts in heavy manufacturing and we invest in people, efficient processes and equipment, with automatic and robotic solutions to deliver craftsman quality stainless and high alloy tanks and vessels.

Capabilities: D iam et er : 6″ to 14′-0″
Length: Up to 20′-0″

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel( Type 304, 304L,3 16 and 3 I 6L)

Capability, Capacity, Commitment

Mahantam has facilities strategically located to serve our core markets in the India. Our team works with the tools and latest technology to help build the customized products required in today’s world. Steps are constantly being made to keep Mahantam on the cutting edge. Even in economic times when many companies are cutting Back and downsizing, Mahantam is committed to our clients. We have even added a brand-new facility, which will allow us to build larger, heavier tanks and vessels that are in demand. This new facility is just one more reason why Mahantam remains the leader in steel tank manufacturing.

Mitered Elbows and Pipe Spools

We produce mitered elbows & pipe spools in a verity of configurations to meet all kind of customer requirements andoperating conditions.

We specially design mitered elbows & pipe spools in accordance with the procedure of ASME sec VIII & ASME sec. IX based on customers specialized needs.

Capability: Up to 3000 NB.

The Products We Deliver to Our Clients are of The Highest Quality.